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My original outfit: One event I adore is The Clothing Show, which takes place twice yearly in Toronto. I got the top from a $5 bin of a vintage shop at the show and it's one of my favourite steals ever. Just check out the unique draping! I'm also sporting a polka dot mini skirt, a cameo necklace, black flats, and a feathered headband by one of my favourite designers and Toronto original Headmistress.

Reinterpretation: It felt necessary to do a dramatic transformation so I opted for a slightly avant garde billowing gown with similar elegant draping as in the original top. Model Mariacarla Boscono felt perfect for the look thanks to her out-of-this-world creature stunner of a face. Mini skirt is now an obi belt, feathers are now a bracelet, lace and necklace are now part of the headdress and makeup. The ensemble exuded a free-spirited energy so I left her bare feet. | Read more

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