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My original outfit: Not only am I a fan of Imogen Heap's music, I also adore her fashion sense. Always unique and delightful in floral prints, voluminous skirts and warm hues, she's the inspiration behind this look. I'm wearing a beige shirt with shiny shoulder embellishments, a pin-stripe white vest, pink floral print skirt, layered stockings, and beige strappy heels. The look is completed with flower hair pins, brooches and an arm warmer.

Reinterpretation: I attended Imogen's concert and this is my take on her outfit that night (circa 2006). I kept her signature loose updo with a headband recycled from the stocking pattern, a cropped jacket marrying elements from the vest and shirt, A-line floral print dress plus shiny embellishments, red crinoline, over-the-knee socks reworked from the arm warmer, and boots stemming from the heels. The flower pins are now brooches, and the brooches are now rings. | Read more

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