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My original outfit: This outfit was styled around the navy sweater I picked up from a vintage shop in LA. I found the DIY-esque slashing of this 90's graphic style Disney shirt too funny and enigmatic to resist. Underneath I'm wearing a chartreuse body con dress, pink and black leopard stockings, black and white polka dot leg warmers, and pink jelly sandals. The look is finished off with pink rimmed sunglasses and another gem of a hair clip from Fashion Whore.

Reinterpretation: This is obviously a loud outfit with the sheer volume of neon colours and patterns galore, which is why it lent well to the style of singer M.I.A. I've always admired her bold choices and created this revamp with her in mind. The leg warmers are recycled into a cropped hoodie with a chartreuse front pocket and pink leopard trimming, the pink hue of the jelly sandals is now a slinky turtleneck dress, and the stockings are a rework of the colours and crescent-shaped slashes in the sweater. The volume gets turned even higher with yellow boots and chunky sunglasses. | Read more

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