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My original outfit: I fondly wore this outfit to high tea with my friend Yien one afternoon. I'm decked out in a canary yellow jacket with rabbit fur trim, blue floral babydoll dress, a single turquoise hair bow clip, pearls, white stockings and the trusty brogues again.

Reinterpretation: This is an homage to Japanese Harajuku street style namely Sweet Lolita fashion. My friend Hyein dresses in this style so she's a real-life inspiration behind the look. I chose model Devon Aoki to embody the look because of her sweet, doll-like features. The blue floral pattern is used for the headdress and corset, white stockings become a romantic shirt, canary hue is used for a puffy skirt, bow clips adorn the headdress and skirt, pearls are worn as a bracelet and brogues become over-the-knee platform boots. | Read more

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