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My original outfit: Ever the colour lover, I stepped out in this bright number comprised of a pink dress worn over a light blue and pink stripe shirt, cyan stockings, grey ribbed leg warmers and light pink sneakers. Finishing touches are a cameo hair clip and necklace by Toronto's Fashion Whore.

Reinterpretation: I liked this outfit so much I did two revamps, one for menswear and one for womenswear! This time, I based the models on two of my dearest friends Carlo and Selena. Since it's currently back-to-school season I channeled fun and preppy looks for the school yard. For Carlo, the leg warmers are now a cozy sweater, stockings are shorts, shirt is an ombre v-neck, the cameo is a brooch and repeating pattern on the shirt, and all is finished with loafers for footwear. On Selena, the red / blue stripes make a plaid vest-dress with a cyan waist belt, light blue dress shirt, knee high socks and heeled boot versions of the sneakers. Cameo accessories are revamped as a headband and bracelet. | Read more

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