Fashion Journal: Day 2 Buy print

I wore this ensemble back in the fall and it’s one of my favourites. With a petite hat fascinator, elegant cream top with slightly puffed sleeves, sweet-n-pink floral skirt and heeled brogues, what’s not to love?

For the reinterpretation, I cropped the top, made it more tailored with bits of the hat as sleeves and a bow-tie. The sleeves are now a Peter Pan collar with a slight puff. I turned the skirt into something I’ve yet to wear in real life: harem pants. As they’re somewhat of a hit-or-miss item, I tried my hand at it but didn’t go overboard and set the baggy mode to subtle. Lastly, the heeled brogues are now sneaker brogues!

Overall, I took a girl-meets-boy approach and channeled Agyness Deyn as my muse. Who else is more perfect for such a look?

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