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My original outfit: My Strokes shirt makes another appearance! This time I wore it with a cropped denim tie-dye jacket, a-line multiple plaid skirt from a thrift shop, red leather waist belt, blue studded wristband, gold chain necklace from Barcelona, red tights with black fishnets, and black leather knee-high boots.

Reinterpretation: The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas himself was the inspiration and model Daria Werbowy played the role of muse. I wanted to infuse the thrifty and grungy rock 'n' roll look from his solo days as he rocked the embellished leather jacket and a particular pair of red corduroys pretty hard. So hard that I dressed one leg in mock-corduroy leggings and the other in leather! Every element from the original was mish-mashed into the revamp including the Strokes logo / chain as an ornate necklace, and a skirt comprised of studded belts.
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