Fashion Journal: Day 10 Buy print

My original outfit: Another number from my LA trip! It features some of my favourite pieces: romantic lace tank, black miniskirt, white cardigan, gold waist belt, a fedora I picked up on Venice beach, another headband by Headmistress, and something I love but seldom wear: nail polish (in a coral shade chosen especially for the trip).

Reinterpretation: French belle Noémie Lenoir was my muse and she's hip to trot in a bustier reworked from the tank top, cardigan and the fetching shade of coral. The miniskirt gains boyish charm as smartly pleated high-waisted dress pants with tapering at the bottom. The fedora and headband combo from the original assumes a second life as pretty flatforms, while the new hat is of the elegant floppy sun hat variety. Lastly, the necklace is now earrings and the feather from the headband is a brooch. | Read more

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