Thank you for considering me for your project. This is a guide to my process, delivery of work and payment schedule. Payment is accepted in cheque, eTransfer, PayPal and cash.

Freelance Work

1. Project details: Please let me know the specifics such as type of work, intended usage, timeline for roughs and finals, style, colour, (reference images are welcome) and budget.

2. Estimate: With all the information in mind, I will submit an estimate. When the estimate is approved, we will start the project with roughs.

3. Roughs: I will research, brainstorm, create and submit roughs as a first look to the project. Colour palette and visual details are agreed upon at this stage. You may provide feedback and direction. If multiple roughs are presented, one concept will be chosen to proceed to final.

4. WIP (Work in Progress): After working according to the chosen rough, I submit a WIP for review. If needed, I can accommodate two rounds of major revisions. Further revisions will be billed separately.

5. Final: Once the WIP is approved, I will submit a preview of the final. Revisions at this point will be billed separately. If the final is approved, I will submit the digital files.

Please note:
- A deposit (normally 50%) is needed to start the project after confirmation of estimate. The remaining balance is due after delivery of digital files within 30 days.

- If the project is canceled after completion of roughs, the deposit acts as a cancellation fee. If the project is canceled after completion of finals, the full fee will be billed.

- Copyright remains that of Wendy Ding unless otherwise formally transferred.


Live Sketching

1. Event details: Please let me know the specifics such as location, date, time slot, expected traffic, and dress code. I will submit an estimate based on this information.

2. Supplies: I provide the sketching material and paper, and can also sketch on special event logo'd paper (provided by client).

3. Set-up:
Seated sketch: Approximately 7 sketches / hour. I sketch guests seated across from me in portrait format. Please arrange two chairs facing each other and a table in a well-lit area. I have a table-top sign showcasing my sketching though it's recommended you inform guests to generate traffic. Generally, as long as guests know about me the traffic is steady to non-stop.

Roaming sketch: Approximately 10 sketches / hour. I move from place to place to capture guests in-the-moment and these tend to be full body sketches. It would be helpful to have a pick-up spot as not everyone will want to carry the sketches during the event.

Please note:
- Once the estimate is approved, a 20% deposit is due. If my services are canceled prior to the event, the deposit acts as a cancellation fee.

- I will arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to the event to get ready. Please have the remaining payment on hand before my session starts. Otherwise, it will be due within 30 days after the event.

- Around every 2 hours I will need a short break to stretch my hands.